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  • How do I cancel my contract with EDF Energy?

  • If you want to cancel your contract by post, please complete this form using capital letters and return it to us at the freepost address below. Your EDF Energy Account Number: (You鈥檒l find your account number on your contract, if we鈥檝e already sent it to you. If we haven鈥檛 then leave this blank).

  • How is SFE energy different from my utility?

  • Your utility buys gas and power in short term blocks, whereas SFE Energy buys in long term blocks, which allows you to fix your gas cost for up to 3 years. We use our extensive experience to purchase natural gas and electricity during periods when prices are low.

  • How do I get cash-back on my SFE energy contract?

  • The customer must complete their entire Initial Term of the Agreement without interruption in order to be eligible for cash-back and contact SFE in writing within 90 days after the completion of the Initial Term of the Agreement. So the better question is, why wouldn鈥檛 you do this? How will my local utility know I鈥檝e enrolled with SFE Energy?

  • What is the best way to cancel an electricity contract?

  • Knowing when your contract expires, or the end date of your contract is the best and easiest way to cancel. However, in some situations, a customer might want to leave their electricity provider sooner rather than later.

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