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  • What can I do with my IGS Energy account online?

  • With an online account through IGS Energy, you can view your current account information, get payment and billing history, usage data and more. New user? Register today with IGS Energy to begin using the web as your personal energy manager.

  • What kind of company is IGS Energy?

  • IGS Energy is Ohio based, a family-owned company that鈥檚 been in business for 25 years and serves more than 1 million customers. It acquired Accent Energy in 2011. Competitive IGS Energy rates across the country Not only is IGS Energy in Ohio, the company offers electricity and natural gas in deregulated markets in 10 additional states.

  • How can I get green energy from IGS?

  • There are a variety of sources for green energy, including: solar energy, hydroelectric, landfill gas, biomass and wind. Depending on where you live, you may be able to purchase green energy from one of these sources as an add-on to an IGS electricity or IGS gas plan. What kinds of plans does IGS offer?

  • What is Guaranteed Savings with IGS?

  • With guaranteed savings, you鈥檒l be charged a variable rate for your energy that IGS guarantees will be a specific percentage less than the rate your utility would charge you. This plan also promises consistent savings every month on your cost of energy.

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