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As a rule, using enrichment activities such asexercise, mental stimulation, games, and sportswill help calm down a high-energy dog, Providing adequate amounts of enrichment can help dogs burn off excess energy and prevent problem behaviours due to frustration and boredom.

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  • How to train a high-energy dog to be more calm?

  • But it is important to reward high-energy dog breeds for their calm behavior, every now and then. Give them a favorite treat or anything they like for the positive behavior and this will encourage your pooch to behave in the same way more often.

  • What are the best energy-burning games for dogs?

  • Tug and fetch is an excellent energy burner game in this regard. It can fulfill the purpose of mini training exercises as well. Sports like agility or lure coursing are also suitable for the high energy dog breeds. These games will exhaust even the most active breeds.

  • How do I get my Dog to calm down at night?

  • Work the Brain. Taxing your dog鈥檚 body will help to calm him down, but there鈥檚 an equally important body part that needs to be exercised: your dog鈥檚 brain. Mental exercise is a phenomenal way to wear out the dog who doesn鈥檛 require an all-day commitment or a national park-sized yard.

  • Why is my dog so high energy?

  • Having a high-energy dog can detract from the time spent with your pet, but more often than not, our companion’s excess energy is due to a lack of stimulation. Here, we share a few tips to help your four-legged friend stay cool and collected.

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