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The fracture energy can be calculated bydividing the work done for performing the fracture process (the area under the force鈥揹isplacement curve) by the fractured zone area. The area of fractured zone is determined by multiplying the thickness of the specimen by the length of the portion without having a notch, as shown in Fig. 7.8.

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  • How to determine the fracture energy of a material?

  • 112 Z.P. Baiant and M.T. Kazemi law can be exploited to determine the fracture energy of the material merely by measur ing the maximum loads of geometrically similar specimens of sufficiently different size [6-9].

  • What is fracture energy and effective length?

  • The fracture energy and the effective length of the fracture process zone is defined on the basis of the extrapolation to an infinite specimen size, for which the definitions are independent of the shape of the specimen or structure.

  • What is fracture energy in concrete?

  • The fracture energy is defined as the energy required to open a unit area of crack surface. The understanding of fracture energy is vitally important, as the energy required to crack a concrete sample will vary depending on the mix of the concrete.

  • What is the fracture energy of a percolation fracture?

  • Both 蟽 m and S are rate dependent and in the simplest case, the fracture energy is determined by GIc = 蟽 m 未 m, where 未 m is the critical crack opening displacement. Both 蟽 m and 未 m depend on the interface structure and the microscopic deformation mechanisms controlling the percolation fracture process via disentanglement and bond rupture.

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