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4 calories

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  • How much caffeine is in 5-hour Energy?

  • With 5-Hour Energy, the regular shots equate to the amount of caffeine when you compare it to an 8-ounce cup at Starbucks. In other words, the caffeine content of 5 Hour Energy amounts to 200mg per serving.

  • Are 5 hour energy drinks good for You?

  • If you鈥檙e used to consuming powerful energy drinks like Bang and Reign, 5 Hour Energy Drink may be more suited to you. It boasts 200 mg of caffeine which can give you a burst of energy to do mountains of work. If you drink more than one 5 Hour Energy Drink per day, you鈥檙e more than likely to experience the side effects of caffeine overdose.

  • How big is a 5 hour energy shot?

  • Overall, the first thing you probably notice is the size of 5 Hour Energy Shots, which are a lot smaller than regular energy drinks ( 1.93 fl.oz vs. the usual range of 8.4 to 16 fl.oz ).

  • How many fluid ounces are in a 5-hour Energy Drink?

  • Each 1.93 fluid ounce bottle of a 5-hour energy drink contains all these ingredients. For more information check this article; 5-Hour Energy: Caffeine and Ingredients (Explored).

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