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Four calories

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  • How much caffeine is in 5-hour Energy?

  • With 5-Hour Energy, the regular shots equate to the amount of caffeine when you compare it to an 8-ounce cup at Starbucks. In other words, the caffeine content of 5 Hour Energy amounts to 200mg per serving.

  • How much does 5 hour energy drink cost?

  • This is a big positive and one that drives many away from drinking energy drinks like Red Bull. 5 Hour Energy is normally sold in a pack of 12 bottles for which the recommended retail price is $25. Some local shops and stores also sell Five Hour Energy in single bottles that are usually sold between $2 and $3.

  • Is 5-hour Energy good or bad for You?

  • And what is the good and the bad of 5-Hour energy? For the brief answer in terms of 5-Hour Energy鈥檚 nutrition, it has a moderately high caffeine content of 200mg, coming close to some of the strongest energy drinks, and uses artificial sweeteners instead of sugar.

  • Why sell five hour energy?

  • Today鈥檚 current climate see鈥檚 many people working long hours or even having 2 jobs just to make ends meet and keep afloat with their payments and commitments, which has given Five Hour Energy a huge market to work and sell in. Five Hour Energy is a supplement that is sold in a bottle containing 2 fluid ounces of the energy drink.

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