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350 ftlbs

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  • How much bullet energy do I need to kill a deer?

  • The hottest loads only have about 450 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle. Generally, the minimum bullet energy needed to make a clean kill on a deer is said to be about 750 ft/lbs. I do agree that 750 ft/lbs. should do just fine.

  • How far can a 30-30 kill a deer?

  • I鈥檝e cleanly killed deer out to 300 yards with the.243, and out to 200 with the.30-30鈥揳nd also with a bow, the 鈥渕uzzle energy鈥?of its arrow running about 65 foot-pounds. In my experience, any.25 to.30 caliber cartridge using at least a 120 grain bullet will kill any deer out to any range where the bullet expands reliably.

  • How far can a 9mm take down a deer?

  • In fact, the first 50 yards of 9mm balistrics is pretty much the sme as the .357 is from 50 to 100-yards. Now, if the 357 has enough energy to kill a deer between 50 and 100 yards, the 9mm has enough energy to take a deer up to 50.

  • How much energy does it take to kill a whitetail?

  • The most common figure thrown around when hunters discuss the energy required to ethically kill a whitetail is 1,000 ft.-lb. By this logic, at 1,000 ft.-lb. and above, you鈥檙e being ethical; your shot becomes questionable when the energy drops below this level.

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