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  • Is Alani Nu Energy Drink bad for You?

  • Overall Alani Nu is not a bad option for an energy boost since there is enough caffeine to keep you functioning throughout the day. The drink has low caffeine, low calorie, and no sugar, making it a worthy choice for most people no matter what their lifestyle is!

  • Where to buy Alani drink?

  • Cost and Where to Buy. Alani Nu Energy Drink can be bought from the website at $29.99 for a 12 pack of the drinks. Individuals can also purchase the drink at Target, where a can is sold for $2.49. Pros and Cons. Pros and Cons. Pros. This drink rink contains only 10 calories per can.

  • How many calories are in Alani Nu?

  • Alani Nu has a low 10 calories per can. You can easily burn off this amount with an hour of walking or a quick jog. For context, the NHS recommends a 2,000 calorie daily intake for women and 2,500 for women. 10 calories is a drop in the bucket compared to that!

  • Is Alani Nu sugar-free?

  • Alani Nu is sugar-free, so if you are aiming to minimize your sugar intake or if you simply enjoy the flavor of sugar-free drinks they are a fantastic alternative. They contain 2 grams of sugar alcohol and sucralose, an artificial sweetener. Sucralose has 600 times the sweetness of sugar and 200 times the sweetness of aspartame.

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