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  • How much caffeine is in Bang energy drink?

  • When bang energy drink was first made available to the public, it initially contained 357 mg of caffeine per 16 liquid ounce can. I suppose commonsense prevailed as per the high caffeine content. Consequently they have reduced the caffeine content. Bang energy drink now has 300 mg of caffeine per can.

  • Do Bang energy drinks break a fast?

  • Answer: Yes, they do. Bang energy drinks will break your fast. Period Why is this? Let me explain鈥?One selling point of the bang energy drink is that it doesn鈥檛 contain the mountain of sugar that the pre-existing energy drinks seem to have. That鈥檚 all well and good.

  • Where do you get Bang energy drinks?

  • A popular and trusted online store sells bang energy drinks. You can buy single cans of bang energy drinks or buy in bulk. I have provided you with links to different flavors of the bang energy drinks in answer to your burning question of where do you get bang energy drinks.

  • Are Bang energy drinks the new kid in town for nutrition?

  • There is a new kid in town in the world of sports nutrition. It鈥檚 bang energy drinks. Now everyone is jumping on board. Snapping up these new bang energy drinks. Sometimes without thinking this whole new habit through.

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