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  • Do bananas really give you more energy?

  • You will have more energy because bananas have three natural sugars 鈥?sucrose, fructose and glucose 鈥?giving you a source of energy free from fat and cholesterol, Feinstein told The List .

  • How long does it take to digest a banana?

  • I’ve read up a little bit on the digestion of foods and understood that even the simpler foods (such as bananas that are very popular in sport nutrition) can take up to an hour to digest. So my question is why is it that it is said that bananas give you immediate energy? Doesn’t it still take an hour?

  • How much sugar is in a banana?

  • Natural Sugar. A large banana has 16.6 grams of sugar, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The sugar in a banana is different from refined sugars in cookies and candy, however. Your body uses the natural sugar in bananas, fructose, to produce glucose, which fuels your brain and gives you energy.

  • Are bananas good for athletes?

  • Some substances within it – like sugar and similar – will be digested and absorbed by the body quicker than other. The point with the banana is that it contains many of the vitamins – vitamin A, E, C og B ( source) – minerals and ‘healthy’ energy sources that a sports athlete seeks like carbohydrates and natural sugar.

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