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Compressed air

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  • Can wind turbines store energy?

  • The wind turbines themselves cannot store energy, but there is the capability for wind farms to store energy. When a wind turbine is working, the wind will move the turbine blades very fast. The movement of the wind turbine blades will power a generator. This generator, in turn, generates power. This power is then sent into the electrical grid.

  • How is excess wind energy stored?

  • Through several different storage processes, excess energy can be stored to be used during periods of lower wind or higher demand. Electrical batteries are commonly used in solar energy applications and can be used to store wind generated power.

  • How does a wind turbine work?

  • Wind turbines recover the kinetic energy of the moving air by utilizing propeller-like blades, which are turned by wind. The power is transmitted via a shaft to a generator which then converts it into electrical energy.

  • Where is compressed air stored in wind turbines?

  • Compressed Air Storage. Wind turbines can use excess power to compress air, this is usually stored in large above-ground tanks or in underground caverns. When required the compressed air can be used through direct expansion into a compressed air motor.

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