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Capturing heat and light from the Sun

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  • Where does solar energy come from?

  • Solar energy comes from the sun and can be captured with various technologies, primarily solar panels The 鈥減hotovoltaic effect鈥?is the mechanism by which silicon solar panels harness the sun鈥檚 energy and generate electricity

  • What is solar power and how does it work?

  • This is exactly what solar power aims to do. Solar power is obtained by tapping the sun鈥檚 energy and converting it into electricity using solar energy technologies like solar panels or concentrated power. Solar power is the most renewable form of energy existing today.

  • How do we use the sun to generate electricity?

  • The two main ways to use energy from the sun are photovoltaicsand solar thermal capture. Photovoltaics are much more common for smaller-scale electricity projects (like residential solar panel installations), and solar thermal capture is typically only used for electricity production on massive scales in utility solar installations.

  • How long does it take for solar panels to form?

  • They take millions of years to form. Solar energy is a renewable resource, and many technologies can harvest it directly for use in homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals. Some solar energy technologies include photovoltaic cells and panels, concentrated solar energy, and solar architecture.

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