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  • What are the sources of energy consumption in the United States?

  • The following pie chart (Figure 4) shows the United States’ energy consumption by source in 2019. As shown in the chart, petroleum that is mainly used for the purpose of transportation has the biggest share of 37%. Natural gas is in second place with 32% share of energy consumption. Figure 4: Energy consumption in the United States, 2019

  • What do Americans use energy for?

  • Americans use a lot of energy in homes, in businesses, and in industry, and to travel and transport goods. There are four end-use sectors that purchase or produce energy for their own consumption and not for resale:

  • How is electricity produced in the United States?

  • Electricity in the United States is produced (generated) with diverse energy sources and technologies The United States uses many different energy sources and technologies to generate electricity. The sources and technologies have changed over time, and some are used more than others.

  • What are the sources of primary energy used by each sector?

  • The sources of energy used by each sector vary widely. For example, petroleum provides about 91% of the transportation sector’s energy consumption, but less than 1% of the electric power sector’s primary energy use. The chart below shows the types and amounts of primary energy sources consumed in the United States, …

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