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  • How can the government help tackle the energy crisis?

  • To address demand management, Ms Garg suggests that governments should incentivise households by having time of day prices to shift energy demand based on when there will be financial incentives. The move towards increased energy efficiency in homes could also have a positive impact on the economy.

  • What does the Department of energy do for state governments?

  • The Department of Energy offers numerous resources to help state and local governments and their stakeholders understand the wide range of energy efficiency opportunities that could support their climate and energy goals.

  • How does energy infrastructure investing affect the economy?

  • In most cases, energy infrastructure investments create a ripple effect throughout the economy. That said, energy efficiency investments create more jobs per dollar invested than traditional energy supply investments.

  • What are the benefits of energy efficient energy?

  • 鈥reate Jobs 鈥educe GHGs 鈥ave Money 鈥nhance Competitiveness 鈥ew Clean Energy Economy EE is fastest, cheapest, largest, way to save energy and build jobs EE can save 20% of energy use — $200 Billion/yr 鈥搘ith 700,000 jobs

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