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  • What can local governments do to reduce energy demand?

  • Residential鈥?Helping homeowners improve energy efficiency in their homes can be an effective strategy for local governments to reduce energy demand, help households save money, improve comfort and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • How does energy infrastructure investing affect the economy?

  • In most cases, energy infrastructure investments create a ripple effect throughout the economy. That said, energy efficiency investments create more jobs per dollar invested than traditional energy supply investments.

  • How energy efficient are homes in the UK?

  • The number of homes with an Energy Efficiency Rating of C or above is 46%, up from 13% in 2010, and rapidly rising thanks to government commitments. The UK has a strong track record in making homes more energy efficient, with 40% in England now at EPC B and C or better and 84% of new builds in the top energy efficiency bands A or B.

  • What does the Department of energy do for state governments?

  • The Department of Energy offers numerous resources to help state and local governments and their stakeholders understand the wide range of energy efficiency opportunities that could support their climate and energy goals.

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