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Steam engines

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  • How is geothermal energy generated?

  • In order to obtain enough energy to generate electricity, geothermal power plants rely on heat that exists a few kilometers below the surface of the Earth. In some areas, the heat can naturally exist underground as pockets steam or hot water. However, most areas need to be 鈥渆nhanced鈥?with injected water to create steam.

  • How does geothermal energy work in New Zealand?

  • Geothermal energy exists in different forms all over the Earth (by steam vents, lava, geysers, or simply dry heat), and there are different possibilities for extracting and using this heat. In New Zealand, natural geysers and steam vents heat swimming pools, homes, greenhouses, and prawn farms.

  • How does binary cycle geothermal power plant work?

  • A Binary cycle geothermal power plant works by pumping hot water into a heat exchanger. The heat from the heat exchanger is used to heat another secondary liquid so as to generate steam and power the turbines. The hot water gets cooled after it rotates the turbine and it is recycled back into the earth.

  • How does a dry steam geothermal power plant work?

  • A dry steam geothermal power plant directly uses the steam in the underground hot reservoir to flow on the turbines and to rotate the turbines to generate electricity. After rotation of the turbines, all the steam gets condensed into the water which is recycled back into the earth through an injection well.

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