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  • What does the food chain show us about energy flow?

  • The food chain also shows us how energy flows through the ecosystem. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is transferred from organism to organism within an ecosystem by feeding. In our freshwater lake example, the aquatic plants used energy from the sun to create food through photosynthesis.

  • How does energy flow through an ecosystem?

  • Energy Flow Through an Ecosystem 鈥?Trophic Levels. A trophic level is the representation of energy flow in an ecosystem. The trophic level of an organism is the position it occupies in a food chain. Trophic level interaction deals with how the members of an ecosystem are connected based on nutritional needs.

  • What is the difference between a food chain and food web?

  • Food chains and food webs provide a representation of how organisms within an ecosystem interact and how energy flows through that ecosystem. Food chains represent one single chain of interactions between organisms and how energy flows through that chain.

  • How does energy flow through the detritus food chain?

  • In an aquatic ecosystem, the grazing food chain is the major conduit for energy flow. As against this, in a terrestrial ecosystem, a much larger fraction of energy flows through the detritus food chain than through the grazing food chain. Bacterial and fungal enzymes degrade detritus into simpler inorganic substances.

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