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Answer: Explanation:Electric energy is all about seperation of opposite charges and bringing similar charges together. Electromagnetic energy is energy in an electromagnetic wave,thus it is not associated with any particular charge it is in the oscillating fields themselves (Electric and Magnetic fields).

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  • What is the difference between an electric and magnetic field?

  • Electric and magnetic fields are both components of an electromagnetic field. These two components occupy different planes relative to the cause of the electromagnetic field, for example a moving electrical charge. This, and whether the charge generating the field is stationary or in motion, are the only differences.

  • What is the difference between mechanical and electromagnetic waves?

  • The main difference between mechanical and electromagnetic waves is that mechanical waves cannot travel without the support of a medium, whereas electromagnetic waves can pass through a vacuum with the help of any medium.

  • Are electromagnetic energy and electromagnetic radiation the same thing?

  • These could refer to exactly the same thing, but one has to look at the situation. Details below… When one speaks of electromagnetic energy, it might be assumed you were referring to the energy of electromagnetic radiation.

  • What type of energy is produced from electromagnetic waves?

  • The electromagnetic waves are the ocean waves, and the electromagnetic energy is produced from the waves carrying water from the middle of the ocean to the shore. That energy is best exemplified by the power needed to move all of that water across long distances.

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