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  • How does an electric motor work?

  • An electric motor is the component in several machineries and devices that aids the transformation of electrical energy to mechanical energy. The electrical energy supplied by the electric current flowing in a wire interacts with magnetic field. This interaction results in torque which rotates the coil and hence mechanical energy is produced.

  • How do we convert electrical energy to mechanical energy?

  • Most devices that convert electrical energy to mechanical energy contain an electric motor embedded in it that operate by the interaction of motor鈥檚 magnetic field with the electric current passing through a wire. This interaction generates a torque that causes the rotation of shaft i.e., mechanical energy.

  • How is potential energy transferred from the motor to the motor?

  • The electric potential energy is transferred to the electric current that the vehicle’s motor uses to generate kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion, and the kinetic energy of the motor is the rotation of a rotor.

  • Can a magnetic field in a motor be converted into energy?

  • To one way of thinking there are two magnetic fields in a motor. That of the stator and that of the rotor. They can attract or repel to do mechanical work. if we do a useful work with that magnetic field we converted the energy . Yes.

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