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  • What is solar power and how does it work?

  • Solar power is usable energy generated from the sun in the form of electric or thermal energy. Solar energy is captured in a variety of ways, the most common of which is with a photovoltaic solar panel system that convert the sun鈥檚 rays into usable electricity.

  • How can I use solar power in my home?

  • It is an economical and earth-friendly way to bring power into the home, and can cut external power consumption by 50 to 70%. There are a number of ways you can use solar power in the home, including through solar heat systems and solar panels that generate electricity. A closeup of a solar panel.

  • What technology is used in solar power?

  • The technology used in solar power is the solar electric panel, which uses photons to generate electricity. These photovoltaic (PV) panels can be free standing rigid sheets used to harness the sun’s energy.

  • What are the benefits of solar power systems?

  • Most solar power systems are also capable of storing some of the energy that they generate. If there is a surplus of energy, it can be used at a later time to heat rooms and generate hot water. It can also be used to light your home or supply electricity to other electronic devices.

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