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Nuclear fusion

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  • How do stars produce energy?

  • How does a star produce energy? The short answer: nuclear fusion. Without nuclear fusion there would be no life on earth. It is the nuclear fusion which provides the sun and other stars of the universe with energy and makes them shine.

  • How do stars affect our bodies?

  • Stars created everything else, including most of the atoms in your body. The energy that process releases is actually what keeps the star鈥檚 gravity from collapsing it entirely. A star lives while there鈥檚 balance between the outward push of energy from nuclear fusion and the inward press of gravity.

  • What happens when a star burns out?

  • From the churning forges inside their cores, they produce huge amounts of light and heat. The 鈥渂urn-out鈥?happens through a phenomenon called nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion happens when the atoms inside the star collide together (often the element hydrogen). Fusion usually turns hydrogen into helium鈥揼oing 鈥渦p鈥?the periodic table, so to speak.

  • What do stars spend most of their lives doing?

  • Stars spend most of their lives repetitively compressing two hydrogen atoms into a single helium atom 鈥?plus a lot of energy, which is released as light and heat. What we can learn from the life cycles of stars?

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