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  • Where does the energy in the producers and consumers come from?

  • The energy in the producers comes from the sun. It feeds the consumers. The decomposers ultimately release the energy from the consumers and the producers that were not consumed. Are producers or consumers at the bottom of the energy pyramid? How do consumers decomposers and producers obtain energy?

  • How do producers get energy from the Sun?

  • How do producers get energy? Producers create their own energy by using the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis works like this; sunlight is absorbed by chlorophyll in the leaves of a plant. This sunlight is used to cook CO2 and water to create glucose (C6H12O6).

  • Is an organism a producer or a consumer?

  • An organism can either be a producer or a consumer. A producer does not eat another producer but gets it’s energy from antibiotic factors such as the sun. Plants do this using photosynthesis. Most animals are consumers, eating either plants or other animals to get energy.

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