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Directly from the Sun

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  • Where do producers get their energy from?

  • Producers obtain their energy from the sun. Producers are plants, so get their energy through photosynthasis.The sun. Producers convert light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis. Where do most producers get their source of energy from? Producers get their energy from the sun. Where do producers get energy?

  • How do producers and consumers exchange energy and matter?

  • Producers and consumers exchange energy and matter in various ways. The producers are used as food for the consumers and the consumers are used as fertilizer and food for producers when they die.

  • Where do consumers get energy from the Sun?

  • (Producers are types of plantlife)When consumers eat the producers, they get energy from the producers, who got their energy from the sun. So, ultimately, everything in a food chain gets energy from the sun.

  • What do producers do in food chains?

  • Producers produce energy, to put it simply. Food chains and webs are all about the flow of energy and who’s getting energy from where. Since producers are at the bottom of food pyramids, they essentially produce energy. How do producers MAKE their food?

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