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To break free from energy drink addiction, you should stop drinking caffeinated drinks and high-sugar energy beverages. If stopping entirely all at once is difficult,drink one fewer per dayuntil you have reached zero. You may consider making the switch to herbal tea or sparkling water.

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  • Should you stop drinking energy drinks?

  • Personally, one of the most convincing reasons to stop drinking energy drinks is that they can cause increased stress and anxiety.

  • Do energy drinks have too much caffeine?

  • Some energy drinks were actually found to contain more caffeine than they advertised on their labels. Excess caffeine has been known to cause chronic stress and the jitters, and a racing heart from massive amounts of caffeine isn鈥檛 all that comforting either!

  • How can we stop teenagers from drinking energy drinks?

  • Limit or eliminate consumption by kids and teens. Teenagers make up a sizable percentage of the energy drink market, likely due to the 鈥渃oolness鈥?factor as much as the energy boost.

  • How can I make an energy drink at home?

  • Make a refreshing and energizing iced tea. Homemade energy drinks, electrolyte drinks, smoothies, and protein shakes can be consumed in the morning or during the day for an extra burst of energy. For a refreshing iced tea: Boil one cup (240 ml) of water.

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