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  • What are the side effects of energy drinks?

  • For the quick rundown, the most prominent side effects of energy drinks are due to its often high sugar and caffeine content, leading to notable side effects such as an increased heart rate, insomnia, dehydration and restlessness. Now before you鈥檙e thinking about chugging a can of energy drink, here鈥檚 an insight into the effects of energy drinks.

  • Do energy drinks have caffeine in them?

  • Most energy drinks contain caffeine, and other supplements such as sugar, other stimulants such as taurine, vitamins, etc (3). What are some side effects of energy drinks? While energy drinks may benefit exercise and sport performance, various side effects are also possible, such as (3):

  • Are energy drinks bad for your teeth?

  • Since energy drinks are often made with sugar and the pH values are below the critical value (5.5) associated with dental erosion, drinking them can wreak havoc on your dental health. Specifically, dental erosion and cavity risk can increase. May increase risk of obesity.

  • Do energy drinks cause kidney stones?

  • Do energy drinks cause kidney stones? Regular consumption of energy drinks can increase the risk of kidney stones. This is due to the high amount of sodium found in many energy drinks like Red Bull or Rockstar. The best way to prevent the formation of kidney stones is by drinking plenty of water every day. 9

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