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Rechargeable batteries

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  • How do electric cars use energy?

  • The electric drive systems of electric cars are much more efficient than the engine and transmissions of conventional vehicles. Still, some of the vehicle’s energy is lost through drivetrain inefficiencies. Power steering and the powertrain cooling and control systems use energy.

  • What is the energy storage system in electric cars?

  • The energy storage system in electric cars comes in the form of a battery. Battery type can vary depending on if the vehicle is all-electric (AEV) or plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV). Current battery technology is designed for extended life (typically about 8 years or 100,000 miles).

  • What is an electric vehicle?

  • Electric vehicle. Electric vehicles (EV) are vehicles that use electric motors as a source of propulsion. EVs utilize an onboard electricity storage system as a source of energy and have zero tailpipe emissions. Modern EVs have an efficiency of 59-62% converting electrical energy from the storage system to the wheels.

  • What are the benefits of an electric vehicle?

  • An EV electric drive system is only responsible for a 15% to 20% energy loss compared to 64% to 75% for a gasoline engine. EVs also use regenerative braking to recapture and reuse energy that normally would be lost in braking and waste no energy idling. See All-Electric Vehicles for details.

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