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  • What is the structure of a dinoflagellate?

  • Dinoflagellates Structure 1 Dinoflagellates are mostly marine but also found in freshwater. … 2 Dinoflagellates are unicellular having a eukaryotic cell 3 They can be red, blue, green, yellow or brown depending on the pigment present in the cell 4 The complex covering of their cell is called amphiesma, it has flattened vesicles More items…

  • Why are dinoflagellates important to the environment?

  • Many dinoflagellates are photosynthetic, manufacturing their own food using the energy from sunlight, and providing a food source for other organisms. The photosynthetic dinoflagellates are important primary producers in coastal waters.Some photosynthetic dinoflagellates are symbiotic, living in the cells of their hosts, such as corals.

  • What is the mode of reproduction in dinoflagellates?

  • Reproduction in dinoflagellates is primarily asexual through binary fission. The cells are haploid. Sexual reproduction occurs by fusion to form a zygote.

  • Do all dinoflagellates emit light?

  • Some dinoflagellates are naked, others are covered with a membrane or plates of cellulose. Many species are capable of emitting light, and these are the main contributors to bioluminescence in the sea.

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