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  • How efficient are nuclear power plants really?

  • Last month, I made this assertion about nuclear power plants: The global average efficiency of nuclear energy is 92%, according to the Energy Information Administration. No other energy source runs that well, not even coal. The number I cited as efficiency was actually what鈥檚 called capacity factor, which is a little different.

  • Is nuclear power a low cost energy source?

  • Although some say that nuclear power is a low cost, low-carbon energy source, nuclear waste may harm future generations. New research has shown that the true costs of nuclear power are far greater than many previous studies have indicated.

  • How much does it cost to run nuclear power?

  • On the high end is solar power at $130 per MWh, and gas at the low end at $64 per MWh. The estimates for the capital cost of nuclear 鈥?for plants entering service in 2019 鈥?assume that units can be built without the disastrous delays and overruns that plagued the US industry in the past,…

  • How safe is nuclear power?

  • All methods of producing energy involve risk, and nuclear fission is no exception. Historically, however, nuclear power has been by far the safest form of energy production among reliable and scalable energy sources. . . . Already a subscriber?

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