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  • How can nuclear energy use decrease soil quality?

  • Nuclear energy use can decrease soil quality through waste products from mining and production processes. Which of the following is not a way that oil production could potentially affect aquatic viability? Nuclear energy use can negatively impact water quality. How can biomass energy use improve water quality?

  • How does nuclear energy affect the environment?

  • Nuclear energy impacts soil quality adversely. The mining energy results into soil erosion, contamination of soil due to the release of water containing chemicals, destruction of surrounding fauna , destruction of local habitat and ecosystem and reduces the retention capacity of soil.

  • How is the environment protected at nuclear power plants?

  • Protecting the environment at nuclear power plants extends to safely managing used fuel, protecting water quality, and preserving and improving habitat for plants and wildlife. All U.S. nuclear energy facilities have extensive environmental programs, which are under the oversight of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and state regulators.

  • How does a nuclear power plant test the environment?

  • Nuclear energy facilities also monitor and test drinking water and crops that have been irrigated with water that may be affected by plant operations, if downstream or down-current of a plant situated near a river or lake. Technicians take samples from local dairy farms and fish from local waters.

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