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  • Do wind turbines kill birds?

  • But like all sources of energy, wind power comes at a cost 鈥?one that’s too often borne by eagles, hawks, falcons, owls and other birds. Wind turbines kill more than 573,000 birds each year in the United States, according to The Associated Press, including federally protected species like bald eagles and golden eagles.

  • How does wind energy affect bird populations?

  • Each bird lost is a blow to already vulnerable populations. There is some overlap in species that are killed by wind turbines, cats, and other threats, but some species that are at risk due to wind energy development are unlikely to encounter any of the others. It would take an ambitious cat, for example, to kill a Golden Eagle.

  • How do wind farms harm wildlife?

  • Wind farms can harm wildlife populations in various ways. Birds and bats are noted to be particularly susceptible to habitat disruption, disturbance, and death by collision, all due to wind farms. [2] Fig. 1 shows the beginning of a potential collision as a bird flies between the blades of a medium-sized wind turbine.

  • How many birds do we chop down with wind power?

  • 鈥淲e probably chop us as many as 750,000 birds a year with wind, and the carbon footprint on wind is significant,鈥?Zinke said in a speech Tuesday at the CERAWeek energy conference. 鈥淚 always thought the best place for wind was on the roof of a house.鈥?/div>Fact check: Do wind turbines kill 750,000 birds a year

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