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  • What are the health benefits of spirulina?

  • The vitamin B1, or thiamin, contained in spirulina is also helpful for maintaining energy. When the body is deficient in thiamin, you will more commonly experience fatigue and weakness. Spirulina contains small amounts of almost every nutrient, including vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

  • Is spirulina the new energy booster?

  • Peace out, caffeine鈥攕pirulina is the new energy booster. Spirulina is nutrient-dense. In one tablespoon of spirulina, you get the following: Let鈥檚 look at the protein in spirulina. As noted, one tablespoon contains 4.02 g of protein. What鈥檚 awesome about the protein in spirulina is that it鈥檚 considered a complete protein.

  • Does spirulina have iodine?

  • With a mineral-rich content, spirulina is high in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. It contains varying levels of iodine also. Some manufacturers market spirulina for thyroid support due to its iodine content. If you’re considering taking spirulina specifically to benefit from its iodine content,…

  • What happens if you eat too much spirulina?

  • The patient exhibits symptoms like delayed development, convulsions, hyperactivity, and analytical disability. Unfortunately, spirulina is a rich source of phenylalanine. Consuming spirulina aggravates the symptoms of phenylketonuria. 2. Exacerbates The Symptoms Of Autoimmune Diseases

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