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  • How does cigarette smoke affect energy levels?

  • Several properties of cigarette smoke can diminish your overall energy levels. The strain on your heart and lungs, as well as the high you get from smoking, all leave you feeling generally less energetic than a nonsmoker.

  • What are the health effects of smoking?

  • Increased Energy. Smoking cigarettes decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood, brain, and lungs. According to research, a person only exhales about 10% of what they inhale. Smokers, beware. Approximately 90% of what you inhale remains in your lungs.

  • Does smoking make you tired and feel weak?

  • Smoking has a negative effect on energy levels in many ways so the answer to the question, does smoking make you tired and feel weak, is a resounding 鈥測es!鈥? Smokers have a lowered lung capacity than that of non-smokers.

  • How does smoking affect your brain?

  • The nicotine in tobacco is highly addictive. It makes your brain release a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is a 鈥榝eel good鈥?chemical that: But this effect doesn鈥檛 last long. As the nicotine levels in your body fade, your brain craves more dopamine. The longer you have been smoking, the more dopamine you need to feel good.

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