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Like other soda: So called monster energy drinks have more caffeine but arenot likely to cause kidney stonesmore that other sodas. 4.8k views Answered 2 years ago

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  • Do energy drinks cause kidney stones?

  • Do energy drinks cause kidney stones? Regular consumption of energy drinks can increase the risk of kidney stones. This is due to the high amount of sodium found in many energy drinks like Red Bull or Rockstar. The best way to prevent the formation of kidney stones is by drinking plenty of water every day. 9

  • Is ginger beer good for kidney stones?

  • While sugary drinks aren鈥檛 the best option for your health, some are better than others. Keeping caffeine intake low could be important for decreasing kidney stone risk. That makes drinks like ginger beer and ginger ale useful choices. Ginger has other benefits too.

  • Are energy drinks bad for Your Heart?

  • When taurine and caffeine are ingested together, such as from an energy drink, blood pressure and heart rate are increased even more than they are with caffeine alone. People at risk of a heart condition should be mindful of their energy drink intake. 8 Do energy drinks cause kidney stones?

  • Can drinking coffee reduce the risk of kidney stones?

  • Caffeinated coffee reduced kidney stone risk by 26%. Decaf coffee reduced risk by 16%. Orange juice reduced risk by 12%. Tea reduced risk by 11%. Consumption of milk and juices other than orange juice did not significantly affect the likelihood of developing kidney stones.

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