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Like other soda: So called monster energy drinks have more caffeine but arenot likely to cause kidney stonesmore that other sodas. 4.8k views Answered 2 years ago

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  • Can energy drinks cause kidney stones?

  • Kidney stones do not have one single cause. The fluid in your urine cannot dilute the crystal substances, which stick together to form stones. Calcium oxalate is a mineral component that forms the most common type of kidney stone. Energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and soda contain oxalate.

  • Are energy drinks bad for Your Heart?

  • When taurine and caffeine are ingested together, such as from an energy drink, blood pressure and heart rate are increased even more than they are with caffeine alone. People at risk of a heart condition should be mindful of their energy drink intake. 8 Do energy drinks cause kidney stones?

  • Can dehydration cause kidney stones?

  • Dehydration contributes to the formation of kidney stones, especially uric acid stones. This type of stone occurs in people who are dehydrated, have gout, eat high-protein diets or who are genetically predisposed. Energy drinks may contribute to dehydration.

  • Are energy drinks safe for people with chronic kidney disease?

  • Energy drinks may not be acceptable for people with chronic kidney disease, or those on dialysis.

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