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  • How does the keto diet affect energy levels?

  • When it comes to the keto diet and energy levels, here are three things to remember: Restricting carbs helps you enter ketosis, a state where you burn fat as your primary fuel source. At first, your body may feel exhausted running off ketones.

  • What are the benefits of keto diet?

  • There are 3 main reasons keto increases your energy, mental clarity and enhanced cognitive function: 1) Ketones are a potent energy source, 2) fat takes longer to digest than carbs, and 3) your blood glucose levels don’t fluctuate as much. 2, 3, 4

  • How does the keto diet combat fatigue?

  • This leads to what is known as a 鈥渃rash鈥? in which energy levels drastically drop, leading to fatigue. How does the keto diet combat energy loss? Well for one, you need to know this: fat is the answer. When you are cutting down carbs, you have to offer the body an alternative energy source.

  • Why am I so exhausted on keto?

  • When your body鈥檚 metabolism switches to burning fat for fuel, ketones in your body become a potent source of energy. A key here is many people are relying on refined carbs for energy which are much less stable than healthy fats. Being exhausted on keto when you first start is very common and usually your energy levels come back after a week or two.

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