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  • How does the keto diet affect energy levels?

  • When it comes to the keto diet and energy levels, here are three things to remember: Restricting carbs helps you enter ketosis, a state where you burn fat as your primary fuel source. At first, your body may feel exhausted running off ketones.

  • What are the benefits of keto diet?

  • There are 3 main reasons keto increases your energy, mental clarity and enhanced cognitive function: 1) Ketones are a potent energy source, 2) fat takes longer to digest than carbs, and 3) your blood glucose levels don’t fluctuate as much. 2, 3, 4

  • How does the keto diet combat fatigue?

  • This leads to what is known as a 鈥渃rash鈥? in which energy levels drastically drop, leading to fatigue. How does the keto diet combat energy loss? Well for one, you need to know this: fat is the answer. When you are cutting down carbs, you have to offer the body an alternative energy source.

  • Should you be consuming ketones on keto diet?

  • I do recommend ketone consumption at the start of your keto diet experience and when you want to really capitalize on energy. Let鈥檚 start off with the negatives: it鈥檚 addictive, it may negatively impact sleep. The positives are obvious for some: it boosts your energy levels.

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