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Do not provide energy

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  • Is Gatorade or Powerade better for You?

  • Because Gatorade and Powerade contain sugar and calories that plain water does not, you should only drink Powerade in moderation when you are sweating for more than 60 minutes. The calories and sugar can cause weight gain and the sugar is bad for your teeth.

  • Does Gatorade have sugar in it?

  • Gatorade has sugar which your body uses for energy, and water which is necessary to keep everything working properly. Gatorade also has water, which your body needs to keep everything working properly. Hydration is just as important to athletic performance as sugar or electrolytes.

  • Why do we drink Gatorade when sweating?

  • Loss of water due to sweating because of climate conditions or exercise can lead to mild dehydration. It was for this purpose that Gatorade was invented in the 1960s by a group of scientists at the University of Florida. Gatorade is essentially flavored water that contains sodium, a key electrolyte lost when you lose water.

  • Does Gatorade hydrate you more than water?

  • In the end it makes sense that both have positive effects and hydrate us mutually. However, Gatorade does contain sugars and salts that water does not, which can add on extra calories as well. Overall though, both beverages hydrate us after workouts or a long day.

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