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  • Is free energy a good thing?

  • It is believed to be a no-cost, pollution free, unlimited source of energy. However, claims have been made that the production of free energy has been suppressed so that the government and other powerful agencies continue to profit from the 鈥淔ossil fuels trade.鈥?How is free energy going to be useful?

  • What is free energy in chemistry?

  • Free energy or Gibbs free energy G, is the energy available in a system to do useful work and is different from the total energy change of a chemical reaction. Thus, G is Gibbs free energy (kJ mol 鈭?)

  • How long will free energy exist in the universe?

  • So intrinsic energy will always exist, until the Universe expands to infinity and until the CMB temperature reaches absolute zero. Free energy will exist until the universe reaches a steady state equilibrium. Please look up E=mc2 for yourself.

  • Will free energy change the way of the world?

  • It is said that free energy is going to change the way of the world. Currently, there is an uneven balance in the distribution of free energy. For millions in the world, life has become a struggle to survive, a struggle to get access to energy like water and electricity.

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