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  • Is 5-hour Energy Drink Good for You?

  • If you’d rather use something healthier than 5-Hour Energy, there are a few healthy energy drinks you can rely on. The active ingredient in the energy shots, regardless of flavor or strength, is the B vitamins.

  • Is 5-hour Energy® a scam?

  • Notice: There is currently an active check-cashing scam with individuals claiming to be a 鈥減romotion manager鈥?with 5-hour ENERGY. These individuals offer to pay people to display 5-hour ENERGY ads on their vehicles.

  • Do 5-hour Energy shots have caffeine?

  • Caffeine is a stimulant, so it’s important to limit consumption from other sources if you use these energy shots. 5-Hour Energy side effects are worse for those who use the energy shots alongside other products that contain caffeine. 5-Hour Energy side effects include:

  • How does 5-hour Energy work?

  • Sipping coffee slowly throughout the morning gives you steady, but small doses of caffeine. With 5-Hour Energy, you get all that caffeine at once, and it all hits you at once. Because you haven’t really consumed that much volume, you are more likely to go back and do it again.

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