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  • What is the function of the protein in a protein shake?

  • Protein’s main role isn’t energy creation鈥攊nstead, its amino acids form the building blocks for our muscles and tissues. (This is why athletes commonly drink protein shakes post-workout.) But it slows down the absorption of the sugar in your blood, helping to prevent crashing.

  • Does protein give you energy?

  • So, yes, protein gives you energy, but it is not its first purpose. Protein gives your body four calories of energy for each gram of protein, which is equal to the calories you鈥檒l get from carbs, while fats give you nine calories for every gram you eat.

  • Should you drink protein shakes to build muscle?

  • If the amino acids obtained from drinking protein shakes are utilized for energy purposes, this takes away from the muscle development benefits they offer. The main purpose of protein shakes, in terms of athletic usage, is to support muscle recovery and growth.

  • Why is protein a slower source of energy than carbs?

  • The amino acids are then turned into glucose or fatty acids, which are both good sources of energy. It is the extra steps to remove nitrogen that makes protein a 鈥榮lower鈥?source of energy than the more readily available energy from carbs.

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