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  • Is DIY solar power system a good idea?

  • Solar power system can provide you with decades of clean energy. Here’s everything you need to know to tackle a DIY solar project. Solar power system can provide you with decades of clean energy.

  • Will DIY solar save you money on utility bills?

  • For starters, the International Energy Agency recently stated in its 2020 Outlookreport that solar energy 鈥?the 鈥渘ew king鈥?of electricity 鈥?is the cheapest formof electricity ever created. So, significantly reducing or even eliminating your utility billswith DIY Solar is a near certaintynow.

  • Can I install my own solar panels?

  • To ensure you purchase the perfect DIY kit, every project is custom designed for your home and energy needs. If you can follow a recipe, you can install your own solar. DIY Solar kits with everything you need to go solar!

  • Is building your own Solar System a good investment?

  • Building your own solar system puts you in complete control of your solar project but requires a lot of planning and hard work. By opting to go DIY solar, you can actually cut your costs by more than $12,000 for the average home solar system. Not a bad investment. You can go solar today for about one-third of what it would have cost ten years ago.

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