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  • Why are phosphates high energy bonds?

  • There are three reasons these bonds are high energy: The electrostatic repulsion of the positively charged phosphates and negatively charged oxygen stabilizes the products (ADP + Pi) of breaking these bonds. Click to see full answer. In this way, what are high energy bonds?

  • Where is the most energy stored in phosphate compounds?

  • Energy is stored in the covalent bonds between phosphates, with the greatest amount of energy (approximately 7 kcal/mole) in the bond between the second and third phosphate groups. This covalent bond is known as a pyrophosphate bond. Besides, what are high energy phosphate compounds?

  • What is the relationship between ATP and enzymes?

  • However it works physically, chemically the enzyme鈥恠ubstrate relationship is exact and specific, one enzyme for each substrate.\ Energy is the currency of the living world and ATP, like the coins that change hands in our economy, is the means through which energy is circulated in and among cells; it is the most common energy carrier.

  • What are the bonds between the phosphate groups of a compound?

  • The bonds between the phosphate groups are called phosphoanhydride bonds, and you may hear them referred to as 鈥渉igh-energy鈥?bonds.

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