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  • Are energy drinks associated with drug-induced liver failure?

  • (Among 1198 patients with acute liver failure enrolled in a US prospective study between 1998 and 2007, 133 were attributed to drug induced liver injury, including 12 [9%] attributed to herbals, but none to energy drinks). Vivekanandarajah A, Ni S, Waked A. Acute hepatitis in a woman following excessive ingestion of an energy drink: a case report.

  • What happens if you drink too much energy drinks?

  • Neverless, when taken in excessive amounts they can lead to caffeine toxicity with tremors, confusion, mania, stupor and coma and cardiac arrhythmias and cardiorespiratory failure. In addition, there have been several single case reports of liver injury linked to use of caffeine-rich energy drinks.

  • Can energy drinks cause hepatitis?

  • The doctors believe that high levels of vitamin B3, or niacin, in the energy drink the man consumed are what caused the hepatitis. Each bottle he drank contained 40 milligrams of niacin 鈥?double the recommended daily value.

  • Can caffeine cause liver damage?

  • Thus, caffeine is unlikely to cause liver injury, but the various high caffeine energy drinks which are widely used may possibly cause liver injury when used to excess. Likelihood score: C[H] (probable rare cause of clinically apparent liver injury when used in high amounts).

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