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Energy drinksdon鈥檛 necessarily have to cause you gas and bloating. The symptoms mostly appear in those who are either sensitive or allergic to a particular ingredient. There are many components in energy beverages that may cause you bloating. Those ingredients include caffeine, fizz, carbs, and artificial sweeteners.

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  • Why do energy drinks make my stomach hurt?

  • The likely culprit is energy drinks’ high doses of caffeine, which increases the production of acid in the stomach. Extra acid results in heartburn and irritates the lining of your stomach and gut. The concentrated doses of caffeine in energy drinks can overwhelm your digestive tract.

  • What drinks make you bloated?

  • Salt is one of the worst offenders when it comes to bloating, and drinks like V8 or any vegetable juices are brimming with it. When we drink too much salt, we retain water, and when we retain water, we bloat, she explains. Another drink high in sodium is store-bought broths.

  • Are energy drinks bad for You?

  • They may be sold over the counter, but energy drinks are not benign beverages. They contain high amounts of caffeine and, when consumed in excess, may cause health problems.

  • Does diet soda cause bloating and gas?

  • You already know that carbonation can cause bloating, but so can the artificial sweeteners found in most diet sodas. Sucralose is the most common culprit. It’s been known to lead to gas and bloating, but it can also reduce the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut which creates extra gas as you digest.

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