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  • Can I drink energy drinks while pregnant?

  • Health care providers recommend that pregnant women exclude carbonated and energy drinks if possible, as they may contain large amounts of sugar, caffeine, colorants, and preservatives. Some energy drinks are high in both sugar and caffeine.

  • How much caffeine is safe to drink while pregnant?

  • The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recommends limiting daily caffeine consumption to 200 mg or less during pregnancy. 7 That’s the equivalent of about 12 ounces of home-brewed coffee. Highly concentrated or pure caffeine products are different from energy drinks.

  • Is it safe to drink fruit juice during pregnancy?

  • That way, you can wash the fruits thoroughly. Some 100-percent fruit juice is fine, but juices should be consumed in moderation when pregnant; too much can exceed the calories or sugar needed for a healthy pregnancy. Is it safe for pregnant women to drink carbonated beverages and energy drinks?

  • Is it safe to have sugar during pregnancy?

  • As sugar is generally considered unhealthy, excess consumption of sugar should be avoided even more when you鈥檙e pregnant. The American Heart Association ( AHA) recommends healthy adult females consume no more than 25g of sugar per day.

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