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  • Can fossil fuels be 鈥榮wapped out鈥?for renewables?

  • This informs the widespread view that fossil fuels can be more or less 鈥渟wapped out鈥?for renewables, without significant economic consequences. We are strongly sympathetic to the need for a rapid global shift away from fossil fuels.

  • Is there a future for fossil fuels?

  • A lot of decisions are still being made based on assumptions about a fossil fuel future. Transportation will be especially challenging because of high POWER demands (not just energy, but energy per unit time) and because of extreme dependence on liquid fossil fuels.

  • Who supports fossil fuels over Renewables?

  • Pew found that the only group favoring fossil fuel development over renewable energy development was conservative Republicans. But partisanship was only one part of the story: Pew鈥檚 most significant finding was that age is a significant factor in attitudes toward renewable energy.

  • How much wind and solar power will be needed to replace fossil fuels?

  • May 7, 2016 at 12:13 鈥淚n the model鈥檚 baseline scenario 鈥?phasing out fossil fuels over 50 years 鈥?wind and solar plants need to be installed at eight to ten times current rates by 2035.鈥?In stead of looking at the current rates of wind and solar installments the authors should look at the long term trends.

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