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  • Who supports fossil fuels over Renewables?

  • Pew found that the only group favoring fossil fuel development over renewable energy development was conservative Republicans. But partisanship was only one part of the story: Pew鈥檚 most significant finding was that age is a significant factor in attitudes toward renewable energy.

  • Is a world without fossil fuels possible?

  • Proponents of renewable energy have sought to demonstrate that economies can run solely on wind and solar at no significant cost to their citizens or economies. A recent paper that appeared in Nature just ahead of COP26 in Glasgow attempted to send a clear message to attendees鈥攁 world without fossil fuels is possible.

  • How will the future of energy change?

  • Today, fossil fuels supply about 90% of total energy, the future of energy will slightly change by using technologically advanced systems of extracting fossil fuels, as well as more efficient sources of renewable energy.

  • What are the disadvantages of using fossil fuels?

  • First, extraction, refining and transport of fossil fuels accounts for 12 percent of all energy use. Second, fossil fuels are often burnt in very inefficient ways, for example in internal combustion engines in cars. A world based on renewable energy would need half as much energy in the first place.

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