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  • What are the best alternatives to fossil fuels?

  • Fossil Fuel Alternatives 鈥?Three Renewable Options 1 Wind Power When the blades on the windmill are exposed to wind forces, they begin to rotate the turbines, converting the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical energy. … 2 Solar PV Solar photovoltaic panels are able to convert sunlight into usable energy for your home. … 3 Hydroelectric

  • Is there a future for fossil fuels?

  • A lot of decisions are still being made based on assumptions about a fossil fuel future. Transportation will be especially challenging because of high POWER demands (not just energy, but energy per unit time) and because of extreme dependence on liquid fossil fuels.

  • Who supports fossil fuels over Renewables?

  • Pew found that the only group favoring fossil fuel development over renewable energy development was conservative Republicans. But partisanship was only one part of the story: Pew鈥檚 most significant finding was that age is a significant factor in attitudes toward renewable energy.

  • Can renewables replace oil and coal as a primary source of energy?

  • But renewables still have a long way to go to replace oil, coal, and natural gas as primary sources of energy. What will it take to reach that threshold and what obstacles and limits do we need to understand as we transition to a truly sustainable energy economy?

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