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  • What are the best indoor plants to clear out negative energy?

  • Indoor Plants That Clear out Negative Energy and Bring Harmony Into Your Home 1 Moth Orchids 2 Areca Palms 3 Peace Lilies 4 Jade Plant Succulents 5 Golden Pothos

  • Can bamboo plants remove negative energy from a room?

  • Bamboo plants are believed to help remove negative energy from a room. In the study of Feng Shui, flowering plants are an important element for removing negative energy from an indoor space.

  • How do you get rid of negative energy naturally?

  • Bamboo. As a weapon against negative energy, bamboo can be used as a living plant, sticks, flutes or even wind chimes. Bamboo represents fast upward growth and is the enemy of death. Anything that resembles death is, obviously, a harbinger of negative energy and effort should be taken to rid indoor spaces of it.

  • How does nuclear radiation affect plant life?

  • Direct contact with radiation or radioactive materials is not required to affect local plant life; the mere presence of a reactor is often enough. To build a nuclear reactor, one requires a great deal of space, usually near water, which means clearing out any local vegetation.

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