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  • What happens when you say negative words to your plants?

  • She also explains that words have energy, and by saying negative words to a plant, it will transfer that negative energy to their own energy, which can hurt the plant and cause it to wilt, which is what ended up happening with her bean sprouts.

  • What are the best indoor plants to clear out negative energy?

  • Indoor Plants That Clear out Negative Energy and Bring Harmony Into Your Home 1 Moth Orchids 2 Areca Palms 3 Peace Lilies 4 Jade Plant Succulents 5 Golden Pothos

  • Does peace lily repel negative energy?

  • Negative energy may seem to lurk in shady spots in your home, areas the rays of the sun never touch. The peace lily (Spathiphyllum spp.) is the perfect plant for clearing out the heavy air since it thrives in low-light areas.

  • Can bamboo plants remove negative energy from a room?

  • Bamboo plants are believed to help remove negative energy from a room. In the study of Feng Shui, flowering plants are an important element for removing negative energy from an indoor space.

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